I’d known Richard for about a year before he coached me. I turned to him because I was stuck in a juncture at work and couldn’t figure out the way forward. The short story is that he quickly helped me see exactly what was making me stuck – the rock in my path. Within 45 days of identifying the problem I was able to navigate around the rock, leave it behind me and move forward down the life path I wanted.

I’m in the business of helping entrepreneurs and act as a business mentor on a regular basis. From the outside, you’d think that would make me capable of self-mentoring. But I know from experience that outside, impartial, non-judgmental perspective is critical when you get stuck. As I write this, I’m coming off such a session a few days ago helping a very capable entrepreneur who was stuck. It happens to everyone.

Richard excels at asking the right questions in the right way at the right time. He is also fluent in the language of many different coaches and writers, and is able to draw upon that diverse wisdom as appropriate on a moment’s notice. I appreciate his “generalist” approach, as opposed to a particular methodology. I don’t think any one coach, or mentor, or guru has all of the answers, and neither does Richard. Recognizing the wisdom in others is one of his subtle skills. I’d go as far as to say he’s a connoisseur of great coaches.

His enthusiasm for this wisdom in his own life provides both an infectious engagement in these new ways of thinking, as well as empathy for those who are struggling. I’m a believer in the value of “n+1” mentoring, in which those who are just one step ahead of you can provide tremendous insight.  Richard is more than a few steps ahead on the path but his own use of coaching wisdom helps create a comfortable space to explore, learn and grow.



Richard is a true coach, as in, not a consultant, not a counselor, not friend, although he has a gentle way about him and may become a friend over time. But he has an uncanny way of seeing through your bullshit, calling you on your limiting stories, and finding references in things he’s read or seen that hit the mark to help give you insight into yourself.

And perhaps best of all, he approaches the relationship with an unwavering belief in your potential and an intuitive ability to find your unique spark. I hired him to coach me to help get better at building my coaching business. He challenged my stories and at one point issued me a specific challenge based on something he’d seen me post online, that I don’t think he nor I had any idea where it would lead, but he followed his intuition on it and I agreed. It was an “art” project of sorts that quickly built community online for me, a following.

My own blindness to what was really happening was in persisting in the thought that this would somehow translate to more visibility as a coach, and I continued to bang my head against the wall refusing to see my own truth. In fact he’d tapped into my long-time desire and inclination to communicate in words and images, photography (which I had done before) and now illustration. He cut me loose from our coaching arrangement when he saw that I just needed to “do the work”, as in create stuff, which I so appreciated. He doesn’t drag you into a long relationship just for the sake of keeping you hooked, he reflects back who you really are so that you can find your own way. Ultimately it is up to the client to see their own truth, he can only hold the mirror for so long. I finally got it and am moving forward with joy, but it wouldn’t have happened without Richard’s insight and loving challenges. 



I have had amazing weekly breakthroughs from my conversations with Rick. He has an incredible ability to make huge impacts in a short amount of time. The coaching I receive from him helps me deal with the people and situations around me effectively and efficiently. 

So he’s not only helping me, but everyone around me. He helps me figure out and see each solution with vivid clarity. His coaching format is friendly and non-judgmental. I don’t have to worry about what he thinks of me because he’s way beyond that. He has coached me on everything from starting my business to dealing with home life and teenagers. Every time I talk with Rick; I leave the conversation feeling empowered, exhilarated and ready to handle anything. I’m getting amazing results. I’m totally addicted to his coaching and loving every second of it.